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EXPRESS IMAGE PHOTOGRAPHY was officially ‘born’ 13 years ago, although Bert Saraco has been taking school portraits and class group photos for 26 years. Having ‘done it all’ for two other companies, and having become a head photographer for one of the area’s biggest school picture businesses, the next logical step was to walk away from the confines of the corporate ‘school picture machine’ and establish a small, quality-oriented ‘mom & pop’ company. Together, the ‘team’ Bert and Carina Saraco have been producing quality school portraits for customers that have been so satisfied that they’ve seen some of their ‘students’ photographed from elementary school to senior portraits, and, now as teachers!

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As I’ve said many times, Express Image Photography is a ‘David’ amongst a crowd of ‘Goliaths.’ We’re the luncheonette on the corner, down the block from McDonald’s and Burger King – my question is: where would you rather buy your lunch? We are a small ‘mom & pop’ type of business – a quality oriented business. Having been on ‘the other side’ of the school portrait business, I can tell you that the standard is a ‘sellable’ picture. …well, we strive for a ‘good portrait,’ which means a lot more. Can we do it every time?
Of course not, but we try our best and we really do care! Carina and I are totally involved in every job, from the shooting to the packaging – no ‘blind shipping’ for us! We try to make the day as stress-free as possible for you (although no one will worry more about your portraits that I will!), and we provide you with a full record of everything that goes on, from the time the picture is taken to the day it’s delivered.

We’d love to answer any questions you might have.
Feel free to contact us by phone or email.